LIMITED Clear Vinyl “Les Blessures de l’Âme”


Release date : 15/05/2024

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remastered limited clear vinyl edition to mark 25 years since its release.
Includes printed inner sleeve with full lyrics.
Seth formed back in 1995 and is known as being among the primary acts in the French black metal scene, with their 1998 debut, ‘Les Blessures de L’Ame’ regarded as a landmark album and a cornerstone of French Black metal since its release on the then freshly-established label, Season of Mist, with Seth becoming firmly established as an internationally recognised act as a result.
Seth went on to release a further five studio offerings over the next twenty five years, branching out into other spectrums of extreme metal along the way before returning to the more grimly-atmospheric sounds of yore.
Though the overall atmosphere is one of rawness through the utilisation of the classic cold and harsh guitar sounds of the period, Seth also integrated strong melodic elements and synth textures along with majestic acoustic guitar passages to hone this finely crafted, multi-layered and dynamic opus, producing a spellbinding soundscape in line with the earlier works of other legendary bands such as Satyricon.